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Tracking Your Vehicle 

Take advantage of our tracking solutions for your vehicle. Based in Wymondham, Norfolk, our team of professionals obtain high-tech vehicle trackers and car tracking devices for you that take next to no time to install. With these anti-theft devices, you are able to check on your staff that drive cars for your business to ensure that they are following the required speed limits. Similarly to tracking boxes that many insurance companies use, we offer private tracking devices to suit your needs.

State-of-the-Art System

Fitting car tracking devices in your vehicle has never been simpler. Once we have installed the system. You receive an app for your phone that you can use to scan the barcode of the tracker, which then pairs them together without any hassle. When your car moves, you receive an alert on your phone and are able to track where the vehicle is and how fast the person is driving. The app tells you exactly where your vehicle is on Google Maps™.

Saving You Money

You are able to obtain a vehicle tracker for just £300 with our introductory offer. Please note that there is limited availability on this and also special fittings in limited areas. Additionally, our team offer a selection of quality dash cams to record footage when you are on the move.

Contact us in Wymondham, Norfolk, to learn more about our vehicle trackers and car tracking devices.