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Towbar Installations in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and North Essex

Find the right towbar for you with the help of our business. Professional Towbars in Wymondham, Norfolk, provides a complete mobile service that includes towbar installations and a full range of approved and tested towbars. We strive to offer affordable prices while never compromising on quality by fitting only high-quality products.

Different Types Of Towbars

There are three main types of towbar that we source for you. The benefits and disadvantages of each type are listed below.

Flange Towbar

This is the most common and versatile type of towbar. The main advantages and disadvantages of the flange towbar that we obtain include:

• Affordability • Works With All Accessories • Ball With Pin Fitted to Tow Trailers With Eyelets • Can Be Used With a Bumper Guard • Fits With All Cycle Carriers
• Bulky • Often Picked Up By Reserving Aids • AL-KO™ Towball Needed If Towing a Caravan With an AL-KO™ Stabiliser

Swan Neck

This is also a popular towbar type that is suitable for a wide range of uses. The main advantages and disadvantages of this bar include:

• Neater Than the Flange Type Towbar • Can Be Used With an AL-KO™ Stabiliser Without Modifications • Unlikely To Be Picked By Reverse Sensors
• Cannot Be Used With a Bumper Guard • Cannot Be Used With a Ball and Pin • Cannot Be Used With Witter™ Cycle Carriers

Detachable Bars

Along with the full range of flange and swan neck towbars that we obtain, we also offer detachable ones. Please note that although the detachable towbar cannot be used with a ball and pin type or Witter™ cycle carriers, it depends if there is a detachable flange available for the car in question. The advantages and disadvantages of using this particular towbar include:

• Completely Removable • Undetectable When Removed • Can Be Used With an AL-KO™ Stabiliser •  Doesn't Affect Your Parking Sensors When Removed
• Costs More Than the Other Two • Cannot Be Used With a Ball and Pin Type • Cannot Be Used With Witter™ Cycle Carriers

Convenient Fittings

When you get in touch with us and make your booking, our professionals order the correct towbar for your vehicle. We then come out to the location of your choice and fit both the towbar and electrics for you. The towbar is always tested before we leave to ensure that it is working correctly. The amount of time that the fitting would take varies as it depends on each individual vehicle. If necessary, we are able to give you a rough estimate. Our proficient team also fit bike racks, dash cams vehicle trackers and caravan movers for your convenience.

Installation Van

Free Quotation

You are able to receive your free quotation over the phone or via email or text. We respond to you as quickly as possible and always get back to you as soon as we return to the office.

Contact us in Wymondham, Norfolk, to obtain more details about the towbar installations of a wide range of towbars.