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Wide-Ranging Dash Cams in Wymondham, Norfolk

Keep an eye on your journey with dash cams obtained by Professional Towbars. Located in Wymondham, Norfolk, you are able to purchase advanced car cameras at affordable prices. With these helpful devices, you can track any crashes and record hit and run situations when you are driving.

Capturing Footage Of Your Journey

The state-of-the-art cameras that we provide stick to your windscreen to film the traffic in front of your car. Prioritising your safety and security, the dash cams are approved by insurance companies as they conveniently record your vehicles journey. We also offer a full range of vehicle trackers to put your mind at ease.

Important Details

While the standard model films the traffic in front of your vehicle, the advanced model features a GPS tracker that documents the time and date as well as the location of your vehicle. If you ever have a crash, you are able to look back through the footage that even tells you the vehicle's position. The dash cams are ignition controlled and available with a three-year warranty along with an 8GB memory card.

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